What happened to Fall 2007?

A lot has happened that I haven’t reported here (I think I forgot that I have a blog) with the Fall 2007 semester.
First, for a short period of time I considered taking a break from my BA curriculum and working on some general ed stuff at the community college level, just to give myself time to refocus and determine my academic path and perhaps force myself to dive into my interests and emerge with a clue as to what I want to be when I grow up. At some point, I decided that I really didn’t need that time and that I would always have time to work on new areas of interest once I get one (or two) out of the way first.
In June I was assigned to a new adviser. In July I met my new adviser for the first time and a detailed plan for my Fall semester was constructed. The new objective is full steam ahead towards degree completion (just the requirements, I can decide whether or not to petition the registrar for graduation clearance once I finish the requirements). My new adviser seems to be more accepting of my academic interest in things like art, writing and social sciences. Bruce Long was never this supportive of anything outside of SIS (even though SIS requires a minor). Dr. Lejk (pronounced Lake) almost forced me to declare Studio Art as my minor.
Next came the course selection. I had decided early in the summer that I wanted to take Drawing. I found a section available at Gaston College with a time slot that seemed good to me. I had already missed the early registration period, so I went to be advised on July 5th. On July 16th I registered for my first course at Gaston College in over 2 years. At some point during the summer, I registered for Advanced C++ at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). At one point during the summer I was registered for 24 credit hours during the fall semester, including 3 studio courses (for a total of 33 class hours per week, normal/sane is about 18 class hours). When registering at UNCC I was supposed to be registering for Ceramics Studio, but was unable to do so because of an instructor hold on the course. I contacted Tweedy to request a permit to enroll, she denied my request (which shocked me). After a meeting of Tweedy and Roy Strasberg (the Art department chair at the time), I was permitted as an overflow student to Tweedy’s hand-building course.
Before the semester began I evaluated my course load and dropped Advanced C++ as a result of it seeming unnecessary and excessive to the schedule. It is likely a course for a future semester. On the first day of Ceramics Handbuilding, I was asked if I want to go to Ceramics Studio. I was asked why there was a sudden change, after my request during the summer. I was informed that Tweedy thought I would be “with a better group of people” in the studio course. Hence, I was asked to perform a drop/add with the registrar’s office. Later that same day, I went to the first meeting of my Photo Media 1 course, which I also decided to drop, due to excessive demands of studio courses on my time (and the desire to explore the topic more when I have time to dedicate to it).
Now I have 5 courses at UNCC and 1 at Gaston. I am perfectly content with my schedule and very happy that I don’t have the spare course at UNCC and the other at CPCC, that would have been 8 courses total, YIKES!