Academic Conflicts Forming

I am less than half through the fall semester and I am already building quite an extended schedule for Spring 2008 for myself. I have a maximum of 18 hours available at each of my schools (54 total), but a personal educational threshold per semester of about 21 – 24 hours.
Currently I want to do the following in Spring:

  • Photo Media 1 [ARTT2191] (UNCC)
  • Introduction to ROTC [MSCI1101] (UNCC)
  • Creative Writing 2 [ENG126] (CPCC)
  • Drawing 2 [ART132] or Figure Drawing [ART135] (Gaston)
  • Computer Art 1 [ART171] (Gaston)

Thats about 13 hours by itself, not including the 12 or so I will need to do at UNCC towards my actual degree (including some ceramics and art history for my minor). I know I can’t take all of the courses, so I will have to prioritize and figure out the best options.