Military Science in Spring 2008?

Today on campus I observed one of the military science lab courses (ROTC Cadets at drill/instructional practice) on the field in front of Cato Hall. I watched them for several minutes and analyzed their behavior, attempting to figure out what it is that intrigues me about military guys, and I found it… the pure precision of execution of movement, as well as their ability to still seem human while doing it. It is likely that because of the way my life is, I will not ever get a chance to have military experience. It is because of this that the Military Science/ROTC courses have always intrigued me. I believe that it would be very beneficial to me to take the introductory course, if for no other reason, just to get some leadership experience.
Course Descriptions in bulk:
I’m looking at the following course pair to satisfy my curiosity:
MSCI 1101. Introduction to ROTC. (1) Preprofessional corequisite: MSCI 1101L. Introduction to ROTC and the U.S. Army including the rationale of the national defense structure and the mission and the role of the Army. Participation in the physical fitness program is optional. (Fall, Spring)
MSCI 1101L. Introduction to ROTC. (0) Leadership lab. Practical application of the material learned in the corequisite course. (Fall, Spring)
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