GITI Reaches 1000 Education Items

During the summer of 2003, I began work on “Journal” project, after spending the Spring working on Address Book with Chris. Working on the Address Book project gave me a lot of experience with PHP and introduced me to the database driven web application. A few weeks into the Journal project, I began work on a Schedule utility. It seemed silly to me to have multiple applications for tasks that were so similar. There we have “The Interface”. The third “module” of the Interface was written in late July 2003, the module was called “homework”.
The “homework” module was later renamed to “Education” once class tracking support was added. The first assignment was added to GITI (named such after education was written) on August 4, 2003. Since that day, 1000 assignments have been recorded, executed and tracked in GITI.
One-thousand Records from August 4, 2003 to October 3, 2007.