Distance From Myself and Those Around Me

I have posted a lot of entries on this blog since I began in August 2004. Some entries have been deep insights into the deepest points of my emotions, while others have been just examples of things I have found funny, or interesting. Recently my blog has become more of a show-and-tell of my life. I post pictures and title the entries, not much else to it. I have left a lot of holes in the information and turned my blog into more of a portfolio, that isn’t what it is supposed to be.
At some point I became uncomfortable with myself and unable to let my thoughts and feelings become written word. I have been taking art classes in varying forms for the last 2 years, but yet, I haven’t been that expressive. I am currently taking Creative Writing 2 and Drawing 2, two of the most expressive classes I think I could attempt. I am going to try to share some of my work this semester, as well as provide what I feel about it.
It snowed here last night, and I stopped to watch it. I opened the big curtain at the back door and looked out, turning on the flood light to watch the snow glisten as it fell. Someone closed my curtain and I became a bit angry, I don’t like when people stop me from watching things that I enjoy. I could photograph, draw or write vivid descriptions about the snow, but nothing would provide the same emotion as seeing it for yourself and feeling what a snowy day feels like.