Evaluating the Purpose

Having no other immediate plans for the evening I began work on LiveCurt.net immediately after my last blog post, but in doing so, I have stumbled on some problems. I have to question what my target audience for my website is. Is it for the 3 or 4 individuals who check in on me occasionally through the blog, or is it for a new target? I feel like I have so many skeletons in my closet that I openly reveal on my blog that maybe having my website’s purpose imitate it might not be a good then, but what if the problem is the opposite? Maybe I am too reserved on the blog and the new site should take on a life of its own that is more about who I really am and what I like.
I have gone over several concepts in my head and can’t seem to find one that truly fits into place. I thought about the original “SiteEngine Implementation Plan” for curtis.kularski.net, but that no longer seems right, that just seems annoying and cumbersome. Then another idea popped into my head, several sections utilizing different things to combine data. How unoriginal! I would like to syndicate my blog to the new site, thats a certainty, but I can’t grasp on to whether that should happen as a rolling list of titles, or if I should bring parts of recently blog entries to the page. Additionally, I have considered a news-based role for the main page, something where everything each new blog entry and other items are “announced”. One of the major things I have wanted to do with this is announce new shoes I add to my collection and things like my new tech toys. I want to also get back into writing technical articles like I used to do (killing curtis.pcfire.net will be a must, since its dead already). With this type of thing I run into a few boundaries that I must continue to operate with. My sneaker fetish is something I have gotten used to being pretty much common knowledge among people I interact with, but even though most people I know are very open minded, there is a TMI border I must uphold, after all, there are other sites I have constructed for that type of thing.
My primary goal with this project is to have a refresh of my personal web presence. The main problem is that for the last 3 years, this blog has been my web presence as I have let all of my other sites fall away during my time at university. The people I know now are not always the same people I knew three years ago, there have been some additions and quite a few subtractions. It would seem that my web presence currently is almost without purpose.
Current topics of interest for my new web presence: blog entries, news items, technical articles, creative writing, art, Doom (ZDaemon), garden info, my media library, fitness routines (public jock log), weekly summaries (end of week journal), a few of my favorite things.
This is what I know currently, I suppose now I should take it all and run with it and see where it gets me.
Question of the day:
What is the life expectancy of a blog?