Art History Psycho Bitch

I am usually a very calm and rational person when it comes to bad grades on assignments, for one, they happen to everybody, but in this instance… I can safely say, it is everybody in the class. There are 4 people in my drawing class, 2 in Drawing 1 and 2 in Drawing 2. On this one particular test that was given, no one made above 90 and even that person admits to getting the grade based on guessing.
First, two weeks ago the drawing instructor (who is an art history psycho bitch) announced a test in the course. No big deal we all thought, “it will be simple” the instructor repeats over and over. She asked bizarre questions in class and we got all of them right, and then she gave us a sheet with some terms to memorize. No big deal I thought. On the sheet of terms she starred (*) terms that she wanted us to know. On the day of the test, she had decided to ask all of the random shit from the class, including things that had only been mentioned once or twice and there were arbitrary questions from the page she gave us.
The test material was not abnormal for the course, however, there was no formal outline of test topics, and we were deceived into believing that the test would be more simple and straight forward.
Why do I call her an Art History Psycho bitch? Well… she is an art history person, that is her area of expertise, that and sculpture. She has no business teaching a 2D/Drawing course. Psycho bitch comes from her abnormally perky nature, and dismissive manor for handling student criticism of her course. I honestly believe she is a nice person, but she is in over her head with this course, since she has no fucking clue how to teach it.
Where is Mr. Biggers and his 30 years of drawing/instructional wisdom when we need him?
My score is 78. I missed 2 questions of 21. You do the math.