Making Progress

Over the past few days I have significantly reduced the amount of calories I take in. I have stopped drinking carbonated beverages completely, falling back to water, juice and small amounts of tea. I have been picking up more workouts each day too it seems. I started with Chin-ups, then went to chin-ups and sprints, and on to chin-ups, sprints, push up, crunches, oblique crunches and some lower ab workouts. Today I added some more upper body work, including some exercises for my triceps and my favorites, some bicep curls. In the next few days I will begin dividing up my calories into their types and determining how much of each type of calorie (fat, protein, carbohydrate) I should eat.
I will likely take Sunday as a day to relax and not workout at all, except for a morning sprint. I intend to have a serious workout at least four days per week, and stick with fairly standard rotation routines for most of my body parts. Abs will be on a three to four day cycle, something like lower abs, obliques, then upper abs and then a rest day. Then something compatible for the arms and legs as well.
I am a little upset because I missed my morning sprint today because of rain.