Digital SLR Camera for Summer Course

Do any of my readers know anyone who is willing to sell a used Digital SLR camera? I’m not looking for anything fancy, or even anything with any lenses. All I need is a digital SLR camera body suitable for academic use. I would like to take a Digital Photography class this summer to fill my spare time, and the only reputable institution offering the course I want to take has a requirement of a digital SLR for the course. Again, I’m not looking for anything fancy, just something to get my through the course this summer. If anyone wants to know the course I am considering taking, it is ART 390: Special Topics: Digital Photogtaphy offered by UNC Chapel Hill through the Friday center. I can start the course any time I am ready (hoping to have everything in place by May 1 and start the course May 15th if possible).
Any information leading to the acquisition of a camera for the summer would be very helpful.