Not So Disturbing Thoughts

When this blog began in August 2004, my mind was a scary place, full of fears, regrets and things that were just not normal. I still have those types of thoughts from time to time, but lately I have been reflecting on my recent blog entries. My more recent writings have been about personal progress, striving for a better self and just a little bit of everything from my life. There was a time when everything I wrote was more or less a censored version of a personal journal. I feel that over the last few years, my blog has matured, as have the topics which I have selected to discuss. I have been very happy in my life recently and have been finding hope for the future in the strangest places, which I suppose has resulted in me having more blog entries this month than any other month.
With all of these changes, it has me thinking that perhaps the domain doesn’t fit its purpose anymore. Chances are though, I will keep the blog right where it is, just because of its history and the fact that while I have used 3 different primary email addresses (and about 12 axillary email addresses) but only one address for my main blog. Here it was created, here it will stay.