Starting the plan

With my birthday approaching quickly (tomorrow) I was eager to get my plans made and my workouts started yesterday. I was planning a nice brisk hike to inaugurate a time of physical fitness and overall health, but I got to Crowders Mountain and there was no where where to park, which meant the trails would be crowded. Then on top of that I hadn’t planned even physical activity to get me through the week. All of the books I have are for more specific training once I get started, they don’t give any clues to how to build a workout routine, or how to eat properly while following a workout routine. I stopped in at the bookstore, and picked up another book for my collection. I picked up Men’s Fitness Total Body Plan (978-1-57243-971-9). This book is supposed be a good plan for beginning this type of life. I guess that is why this one contains the word “Plan” in the title. I have the “Hard Body Plan”, but that is for a little later in this process I believe.
I started this morning with one very productive activity. I hung my new pullup bar that I bought yesterday. I have already found that I suck at doing pullups, but I think it may be because of lack of technique and fear of the bar that I installed falling off the wall while i’m in mid-workout.