Lack of Men in Fitness

I have been browsing DVDs on Amazon as well as in the Columbia House club, looking at various categories. One of the categories I decided to browse was fitness. I notice something quite disturbing to me when looking at them, most of the covers featured women. Why are there no men in fitness? The only […]

Video: Cool Ab Workout

Saw this video on YouTube yesterday and thought it was a fun video to watch. I might try following along with this guy. He has amazing abs, and a strange sense of humor.

I am NOT an Internet Addict

According to the Internet Addiction Activity in my Health/Wellness course… I am not an Internet addict. I scored 28 on the following survey. — Score the following on a scale of 1 – 5 (1 is rarely/never and 5 is always). 1. How often do you find that you stay online longer than you intended? […]

Healthy Eating Takes a Holiday

Being around my family presents great challenges when it comes to eating healthy. With all of the southern comfort foods we all love (potato salad, macaroni and cheese, biscuits, chick and dumplings) being made fresh and put in front of us, it is hard to resist. I tried to let myself go a bit today […]

What are calories?

[cross posted from for your convenience] A calorie is 4.1184 Joules, which is roughly 4 watts. A calorie is a physical unit of potential energy. When burned by the body a calorie produces electrical and thermal energy as needed throughout the day. Calories come from 3 things: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Oddly, the worse […]

Workout Buddies are Good to Have

I was worried that when I started this workout routine and made the decision to become fit and to make other positive changes in my life, that I would be alone, and a bit of an outcast among everyone I am in contact with. I am very happy to say that Chris is being very […]

Deprived of Nothing

I expected when I started this plan of personal health and fitness that it would result in me losing some of my favorite foods, but so far, nothing has really had to be ejected. I no longer indulge in carbonated beverages at all, and the only thing sweet I drink is 100% juice and the […]

Supplemental Blog – Body

I have been a little nervous about the concept of posting a link to my supplemental blog for my personal “body renovation” project, both because of my self-esteem issues related to the blog, and because I don’t think most of my readers would be interested in such things. I have been trying to post a […]

GITI Gets Fit

As with any great change in my life, the Getting It Together Interface will be changing with me. In the next few days, the Health module (to be called Heath and Fitness Module) will gain a nutrition component to supplement the existing workout component. The components will then be integrated into the common module. During […]

Making Progress

Over the past few days I have significantly reduced the amount of calories I take in. I have stopped drinking carbonated beverages completely, falling back to water, juice and small amounts of tea. I have been picking up more workouts each day too it seems. I started with Chin-ups, then went to chin-ups and sprints, […]