End of Semester Rush

My drawing instructor is now bellowing on a daily basis the number of class meetings we have left. For drawing, we will only meet 4 more times, and for astronomy, we meet 5 more times. There are only 2 weeks left of class and things are going by pretty quick. In previous semesters this timing became stressful. This semester is a bit different. I am quite relaxed about things. I have a ton of stuff to do, but I have plenty of time, and am ready to tackle all of it. Creative writing is the biggest source of stress for me. I can’t seem to get any quiet time to work on my pieces, primarily my novel. I suppose I feel like I haven’t been very “creative” in creative writing. The words are going on the page, but there isn’t much behind them. Drawing has picked up some steam since I last visited that topic for blog purposes. I am enjoying a lot of the newer projects and I feel like my drawing style has developed beyond where it was when I started the semester. I would love to take a figure drawing class, but those are hard to find and when you do find a school that offers them, it is usually difficult to meet the pre-requisites to get into the course. If nothing comes of my desire for a figure drawing course, I may just have to teach myself figure drawing. It will take longer, but I will be able to take things at my own pace and experiment.
My astronomy course is going well, all concepts are coming to me with great ease, and I feel like I am ready to take on the final exam. My online math course is a little more of a challenge, but I do feel like I am understanding the material. Its hard to believe that i’m over half finished with the 8 week course. I have never really been good with math, but somehow, the way the tool we use (MyMathLab) handles the material and gives demonstrations, it is a lot easier for me. When working on my offline mid-term for the course last week I noticed how bad my handwriting is, especially for numbers. Doing things electronically seems to be helping most with that.
The semester will come to a crashing halt on April 30th, and then there is a week of exams and other fun stuff. After that week I get about 10 days to recover from spring semester before my digital photography class begins, then I have another 10 week semester to work with. Somewhere in there, I have to figure out my plans for fall, whatever they might be.