Paranoid about Drive Space

Chris and I took a look at the use of drive space on my servers this evening and I was surprised by what was discovered. It would appear that my fascination with collecting porn and my ever growing digital photography store are taking over the most space on my file servers. Since I will be pursuing photography as an academic interest, this causes me a little bit of a panic. I have never liked having my hard drives even close to full, I like to keep things open and clear for expansion, getting close to the 50% barrier makes me nervous. I started looking at 1 terabyte drives this evening and found that they are surprisingly affordable and are available in very fast models. It is true that I have 250GB remaining on one of the drives in the new server, but this doesn’t comfort me. I feel cramped and I feel like I am just going to wake up one morning and find that all of my drives are full… drive paranoia.