Progress of the Semester

With 1 week remaining of this semester, it feels as though I have made a lot of progress this semester with things. There is only one course causing me concern. Drawing II is leaving me with a lot of uncertainty. I don’t know what to expect during the final critique next Monday, I don’t know whats she is looking for, and on top of that, I don’t really have a feel for how I am doing in the course and on top of that, there is a final exam that will be administered before the final critique, and I don’t know what will be on it. Earlier in the semester with the way things were being graded and then the way things went on the first test in the course (the mid-term I suppose) I began to question if I would be able to get an A in the course. Slowly I started thinking that it might be my first B on my Gaston College record, but I am terrified that when the final grades are in that I will receive something less than a B. I am questioning why I didn’t force the instructor to discuss my performance in the course with me (via intervention of the dean) or simply move the course to audit status or any other act of academic uncertainty. In general my policy with courses is to stick with the course and have faith in the instructor unless failure is imminent, and then, well… I go to plan B. The only other course that feels in limbo at the moment is Creative Writing, and that is of my own fault. If I complete all of my assignments before the end of the semester (and I will), then I will get an A, no questions asked. No other courses are at risk even in the slightest. This evening I calculated my minimum final exam score to receive an A in my online math course… as long as I get at least 60% on the exam, there is no doubt that I will get the grade I am seeking. For all other courses, things are in motion such that my grade is already secured (such as Descriptive Astronomy Lab), or all that remains is to do well on a final exam and everything is clear. I am presently very nervous, but I think it is because for me to have a semester where things are lining up this well, the As start seeming like they are imprinted on glass balls and I just have to keep them floating in air for the duration of the week starting May 1 and ending May 6 to keep them at the end.
At this point in the semester I am usually exhausted and ready for things to be over, but this semester, other than some mathematical logic fatigue, all things are calm and easy.