Life As Viewed Through Facebook

Facebook paints an interesting picture of life. In the Facebook universe I have 116 friends and attend 4 schools, with a degree in progress at each. This is a highly over-optimistic view of things. While it is true that I know at least 110 people of the 116 it thinks are my friends, I only consider about 10 of them actual friends, the rest are acquaintances. It is true that I have 4 academic institutions (and probably 1 mental coming soon), but I am only actively seeking a degree at one of them (BA in SIS @ UNC-C) and passively earning a degree at another (AA @ Gaston). The other two are just places that have courses I like to take.
Also in my Facebook universe I recently purchased several of my friends. I purchased Chris for $540 and Guy for $620 (I keep having to rebuy Guy, hes in high demand). I really don’t get the fascination with buying and trading friends (called “pets” on facebook). Is the world so bored that we now much place values on people like that and then “purchase” them? There are several people I know on Facebook that I would love to “buy”, but I am afraid they would take it the wrong way (probably because I am not thinking of it in a pure way).
Overall, Facebook sucks and I really wish I had more to do today so I didn’t have to think about this shit.