Summer Classes

As all of my readers are probably now aware, I will be taking Digital Photography during the summer semester. I tried taking only one class last summer, but that didn’t go too well, I obsessed over it and didn’t let it have time to rest between interactions with it and overall I feel that I didn’t get as much out of it as I would have if I were doing other things as well. This summer my plan is to have a single complimentary course in addition to digital photography. I am considering something along the lines of a fitness class. I began looking at the various course offerings last night and found two that seemed like they would fit what I was looking for. I found CPCC’s BIO155, Nutrition, but that seems a bit too obscure and not useful. CPCC also has HEA110, Personal Health and Wellness, which matches more closely to what I want to take. The other option I gave myself for the summer was the potential of a history or literature course, but so far, that seems like it might be a little too much reading for a summer course. I want fun courses during the summer, I don’t want to be the sad boy looking out of the library window, down on the other kids outside playing and wishing I was one of them. No, none of that for me (got close enough to that during Summer 2004). I want something exciting and motivating for summer. I might have plans for things other than classes this summer, so I really don’t want to be tied down with a lot of reading and excessive bullshit.
Lets take a look at my summer semester history:
Summer 2004 – Art Appreciation, Sociology of the Family, General Anthropology
Summer 2005 – Java Programming
Summer 2006 – {Academic Break}
Summer 2007 – Creative Writing 1
Summer 2008 – Digital Photography, ….
Summer 2004 was hard and long, but was still a lot of fun, and the only course I regret is General Anthropology. I hated the course, but somehow still got a B in it, even though I did the very least I could in that course.
Summer 2005 was a challenge for me. I had never worked with any language that wasn’t based on C, so Java was like diving head first into an orientation to object oriented programming. Overall I enjoyed the course, but I could have used a bit of a buffer with other material at times.
Summer 2006 wasn’t fun. I went through a very bad spring semester and nothing made sense to me, I just sort of lost it. This was my first break in 7 continuous semesters. I remember being bored a lot during this semester.
Summer 2007 returned me to having an academically active summer. I loved the course, it made me a lot more expressive and sort of taught me that artistically, I have no boundaries.
I don’t yet know what will happen this summer, but I believe it will be productive for me, or at the very least, I will learn a lot about optics that I didn’t know before. I will try to keep things posted to the blog regularly as the summer progresses, oh, and I will fill everyone in on what happens when I get to register on Thursday at 5PM for summer classes at CPCC.
BTW, if anyone wants to enroll in Digital Photography with me, there are 6 seats remaining in the class and there is no requirement to apply for admission to UNC to enroll. The course is designed to be transfered to other institutions and is open to everyone. Course description and enrollment information