Meet my new Hibiscus

I have been looking to find some perineals to replace some of my “re-seeding annuals” in my front flowerbed. I was scouring the Burpee catalog and looking online for some good plants. I found many of the plants to be overly expensive for what equates roughly to a freeze-dried live plants. The other day in the Lowe’s garden center (I had a valid reason for going, I really did) I found these nice hibiscus plants, all on sale :-), so I bought one. I bought one that had none of its blooms open yet, so that the plant would stay dormant a little longer. I was hoping to plant it shortly after I purchased it, but the weather went cold again, so the hibiscus (and the Moses in the Cradle that I bought the same day) have become house plants for now. I am hoping to get them both in the ground this weekend, although, the hibiscus gave us a nice show while inside (see above).