Becoming "Social"

In the past few days I joined Digg,, and a few other communal dumping grounds, thinking that they would  help me find my place in the blogosphere, but instead, they are just adding more clutter and becoming another useless tool that I have access to. I wouldn’t want to share my bookmarks with people I know, and certainly not with people I don’t know. I have tried working with in Windows Live Writer, but all I can do is post all of my recent bookmarks, and that’s not useful to me at all. I like the idea of posting links, but not in that way. Something that would be more useful to me is the ability to provide something with a URL and let it get a preview of it, like the images, and maybe a few bits of text. I guess that’s what some of the other tools I have available to me are for. If anyone cares what I have bookmarked, have a look, I’m not shy, but I’ll warn you, the links are pretty lame:

I will keep trying, because it is nice to have access to my bookmarks across browsers and profiles without the hassle of all that importing. I am sick of trying to fit in, so i’m just going to keep doing things my way… or find an API system I can hook into to make this shit work for me.