Beginning Doctoral Study

Somehow in my life, nothing ever quite happens exactly as I expect or plan it. My admission to a doctoral degree program is no different. I was originally anticipating enrolling in a doctoral program in Fall 2019 after spending a full year evaluating my options. Now I am admitted to the PhD in Educational Research, […]

The Kindle Dilemma in Academic Resources

For myself and many other students the invention of e-readers, specifically Amazon’s Kindle, has lifted a burden of carrying numerous physical volumes and has given us quick access to new resources that we may have otherwise not obtained had we been restricted to physical volumes. The problem is: citation styles do not keep up. I […]

End of 2012

I haven’t posted a lot in the past month, I suppose I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy my weeks off before returning to academics in January. I also believe I may be lacking in anything profound to post for now. That in itself may be a major change for me in 2012. I am […]

A Few Topic Ideas for Cognitive Science

I have given my Cognitive Science paper a little thought and come up with a few options for places to start my paper from: Is the human brain or an artificial intelligence a more effective decision-making system? — This topic is very basic, and very subjective. I think I can write an effective paper on […]

Class Designations

Sometimes talking to me or reading my posts and statuses can seem a bit like reading a course catalog, or a really bad game of memory. Unfortunately I did not figure out how to resolve that issue until now (1 week before the end of the semester for Fall 2011). However, I have now developed […]

SOCY6895 Paper Topics

kularski brought to you by Livescribe I think I finally got a full list written of topics I want to hit with my articles from this semester in sociology of masculinity.

Update on Fall 2011 Papers

[This is an update to post:] Course # Paper Topic Pages Req. Status Tutorial in Sociology SOCY 6895 Sociology of Masculinity 20-30 IP:  4 pages LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Declassification of Homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 2-4 Graded: 100% LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Evolution of Interaction Between Homosexuality and […]

Gender at UNC-Charlotte

I was filling out this survey for the Graduate School at UNC-Charlotte and came to the demographic questions and was stunned to see that we have more than 2 options for gender. Way to go UNCC Graduate School for recognizing that there are more than 2 ways to think about gender. Posted from Bessemer City, […]