There it is, proof that nothing dies on the Internet. During 2003-2004 I worked on a document known as an Internet-Draft document… documents with the power of RFCs with a short-term goal, or documents that are candidates for being RFCs. My document was in the second category, it was on the independent submission track for Informational RFC documents. Funny thing about I-Ds, they expire after 6 months. Once expired they are deleted from the IETF’s official archives. Unfortunately, to this day, when you search for "kularski" in Google, that document still comes up, haunting me.

I remain a little embarrassed at the simplicity and narrow view of the document, but yet there is no way to make the Internet forget that it existed. To make things worse, the document is linked from many SPAM resource websites as well as referenced in a patent application or two. Its really quite a horrible document and I don’t know why anyone would list it or reference it.

Proof that it is DEAD: https://datatracker.ietf.org/drafts/draft-kularski-spam-spamreduce/

Internet Society’s copy of the draft: http://ietfreport.isoc.org/all-ids/draft-kularski-spam-spamreduce-06.txt


I really wish this document from my past would go away now. Sad