First Reactions Quiz

I don’t usually do these types of things, but I’m bored and there’s nothing interesting to blog about.

Beer: dad
McDonalds: trash 
Relationships: handcuffs
Purple: flower
Power Rangers: fetish
Cartoons: Saturday morning
Florida: orange
Reading: beach
Halloween: night
Alice: crazy bitch
Feet: yum 
Marriage: fags
Paris: fags
Pat: and Vanna
Redheads: Irish
Blondes: Aryans
One night stands: sad
Donald Trump: ugly
Neverland: its got testicles
Pixie: Scottie
Vanilla ice cream: bland
Hooters: too many tits
High school musical: Zach Efron
Pajamas: fuzzy
Woody: don’t look!



2 thoughts on “First Reactions Quiz

  1. um… Power Rangers: fetish? Do I need to pull out my Morpher? (cause I can 😀 )

  2. Just thought of some of the guys on GearFetish, PowerRangers, Halo Scouts, Star Wars Dudes (Storm Troopers), etc

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