Re: Windows Live Writer Complaint

Since posting my complaint about the bad placement of the WLW publish dialog I have received two responses through the blog’s comment functionality.

The first from a Windows Live Writer developer, handled the complaint as a request for functionality, this would be very correct handling. Moving the dialog, or at the least not making it completely lock the window would be a good solution. Thank you Brandon for taking time to respond to my concerns about the product. I plan to keep up with the preview releases of the application to watch it grow. I feel that WLW is a very strong application and is quite unique in its category.


The second reply, from J. Cheng, suggests that I simply open multiple windows of the same application. I don’t know if you have noticed this or not Mr. Cheng, but thats what I am trying to avoid. Not everyone has unlimited CPU power and memory, and those of us who do have unlimited CPU and RAM are usually limited on the amount of space we can spare in our task bar, and moving to a wider aspect ratio is not an option. I would prefer to waste less resources and be able to chain-blog without the redundant overhead.


With the way I have been working lately, I might suggest that it may be feasible for now to run an instance of WLW on each machine I am working at, but unfortunately I work a lot with server operating systems, which WLW will not install on.


I like the application a lot, but it is still young, and there are still a lot of problems with it. I will not give up on it, it makes blogging way too easy smile_regular.