The Chocolate Has Arrived

The LG Chocolate II (VX-8550) arrived this morning at 11:26. Took me a while to get it activated after it went through its 4 hour charging cycle. I had to call Verizon and deal with a human because VZW was being a bunch of bitches about my plan and not letting it activate normally because they wanted to have a chance to talk me into a new plan to go with my phone. I’m sitting on my $25 per month plan and my ass isn’t moving from it until I need to. I don’t need a fancy-ass plan because I don’t really go away from home that much, and when I am at home I use my digital phone service instead of my cell phone. Once activated, the phone was connected to VZW and programmed in under a minute. As soon as that process was finished it was a very simple process to connect to "Get It Now" to download my contacts (which had been uploaded using the same process on the old phone).

This phone is very similar in design to my MP3 player (a SanDisk Sansa E250). It is just a little bigger. I believe I will be able to use my phone as an MP3 player as well without a problem. The VX-8300 was supposed to do that function too, but its form was too much like a phone, it just didn’t feel normal to listen to MP3s on it. I’m hoping to combine two devices here for "on-the-go" stuff, although, my Sansa will still be my "at-home" personal audio device.  It will be nice to take the Chocolate in my car and plug it in to the receiver and have whatever music I want with me that way instead of relying on burned CDs (which don’t really work in the winter or summer, or night or morning).

I have spent the last little while working on getting pictures of my contacts into my phone.