Everything Done for 2008SU :-(

I just finished my final assignment for Digital Photography. I kept telling myself I would get to the extra credit assignment if I had time… usually with that type of thing I let it go out the window and never get it done, instead I take time to recover and relax. I just finished the extra credit paper, so now there is nothing left to do. All assignments are done, or as GITI like to tell me: "No Assignments Exist".

This semester went too quickly. I feel like I need more to do. I need something to do other than continuously check the registrars to see if grades have been posted yet. I am going to miss these courses. It didn’t really hit me until earlier when I was reading my photography partner’s response to my "Final Project Statement" that I realized that my daily refreshing of the course website and my obsessive checking for comments from her were coming to a close. "It has been a privilege to be your "official" class critic for ART 390" she stated. It is a fairly simple harmless statement, quite nice of her to state even, but it makes me feel sad. Its almost like in Fall 2007 when my Drawing 1 class finished. I guess when you get a certain group of people together the bond becomes strong, or maybe its an art thing. Perhaps it is that simple, we trust these people with some of our most precious attempts at expression and we give them the power to lift us up or crush us, and in the end, they simply make us better, and stronger. I have never felt this from an online course before.


Sad I wish I could go back and do it all over again.