Feeling Academically Special

What happens when you want to take a course at a school and it isn’t "presently offered"? What about when there is an alternative version of the course you are interested in, but it conflicts with other items on the schedule? Usually I would be generally fucked and have to wait until another semester, but because of the nice people at Gaston College, I have my own section of a Photography Studio course. ART 288PH is designated as the Art department’s "open studio" or "independent study" for photography. The photography instructor offered to guide me in advanced photographic exploration based on the requirements of ART265 (Digital Photography II), which has not yet been taught at Gaston. I didn’t realize until after the arrangement had been made and I was trying to register that the time slot didn’t fit on my schedule. I asked what my options were and it was arranged that I would be working with the instructor during one of his other courses. Usually that would be a permit-type event in something like Banner, but the system used by the NC Community colleges (WebAdvisor/Datatel) doesn’t understand a time override, so I have my own section of the photography studio course, ART 288PH 99 is all mine 🙂