Forgetting to Do Simple Things

Since starting my digital photography class I have had a few of my photos printed professionally (about 250 or so). I have collected a few of the Kodak envelopes full of my photos (consolidated them into as few as I could). After the first few sessions of printing I decided I wanted a photo album to put them in… something just for my art photos. I had a hard time picking one originally… the age of scrapbooking is fucking us all over on that. Apparently no one just puts photos in an album for portfolio purposes anymore. I finally found one I liked, but didn’t obtain it then because it was a little big and a little expensive for what I needed it for… but after looking around more… I found nothing more suitable, so I decided to get it…but that’s as far as it got. I think about going to get one of the things every time I move my photos around, and now that I am waiting for another order to be processed I realize even more that I need to get one… but once again I have forgotten to actually go get one. Its the type of thing I would usually just get from, but I am really particular when it comes to this type of thing, so I really want a chance to fondle the product in person. I suppose when I go to pick up my photos tomorrow I should also venture out and find a photo album to put them in.