Million Pockets

How many "pocket" devices do you carry? Why is there no single device to take care of all of the needs of "pocket" device users?

  • Cell Phone
  • Personal Digital Assistant
  • MP3 Player
  • Television Remote
  • Digital Book Reader
  • Blood Sugar Tester*
  • Global Positioning System Receiver
  • Compact Digital Camera
  • Garage remote*
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Laser pointer*
  • Handheld text scanner*
  • Personal Security Siren*
  • USB Memory Key (or equivalent in device form)

There have been a lot of attempts made at combining 2 or 3 of these things into one device, but no one has ever gotten close to all of them. All devices seem to be missing something.

The closest thing I have seen is a few Smart Phones that have phone, PDA, digital book, compact camera, GPS receiver and television remote (via IR output) capabilities. Those devices tend to lack in the MP3 player department though because of the lack of storage, and that makes the digital book end a bit crap as well. Also, those devices tend to weigh a ton and have really sucky keyboards.

Amazon’s Kindle is a great device, but it doesn’t do a lot for the money. Its biggest problem is it doesn’t do much. A few weeks after the device was released, Amazon started selling MP3s… guess what this device doesn’t do.


This post isn’t to be taken seriously. I have been up way too long.