Solution Planned

I think I have the solution to the GITI crisis.

1. GITI will register the special cases in its "fields" table







$user education institutional_grade $institution $grade $points


2. Education will follow the new v2 protocol for managing its own fields entries, allowing it to take over inserting records about institutions and maintaining information about them, including their grading system.

3. GITI will loose all "combined" GPA and "quality points" functions… since they aren’t really valid anyway.

4. All current GPA calculations will be modified to cause a database check for the existence of a grading scale, if found, it will be referenced  for all calculations, if not, the default grading scale will be used, and a further check will not be run for the situation.

5. All grade input screens will be modified to use the special systems in their lists… this will be done on an array to prevent the database from having to handle a query for each course on the record. As in #4, defaults will be used if no special case has been logged.


I really hate how GITI feels like i’m flying by the seat of my pants when shit like this comes up. I guess I have to work harder at expecting this type of thing.


All of this sounds good in theory at the moment, but I’m way too tired to code this fucker right now.