My Day: July 22, 2008

My day started at 1am today. I didn’t do much then, just browsed some porn and looked at modifications I could make to GITI and things like that. I ate breakfast around 5 or so.. had a waffle with natural peanut butter (yummy Open-mouthed).

At around 6am I brought out my pottery wheel. It was the first time I had really touched ceramics in a while. I worked for about 2 hours before taking a break, during which I went outside with my camera and took some photos, mostly of trees and mostly macro. Then I worked a little while longer at the wheel before going to drop off a package at Office Depot, took care of some other tasks and spend 15 minutes starting at/fondling a Nikon D60 (and its friends the D80, D40 and D300). Know what it feels like to hold a $2500 camera? HEAVY! It wasn’t a good heavy either, just bulky and hard to use. I like the D60, its lightweight, but its got awesome features and I believe I could live with it for a long time. Got back home at 12PM…ate lunch and then went back to the wheel for a final throw and then some trimming. In all I made 2 plates, 2 cups, a few bowls and one really odd container. About 10 pieces total. I had about 4 misthrows today. It was pure pleasure throwing today, so I didn’t go for speed or anything like that… I just threw to be throwing.

After cleaning up the kitchen from where I was throwing I made dinner. I made a pan-fried chicken wrapped in bacon, some pinto beans (boring I guess, but I like them, its a southern thing I suppose) and a batch of cornbread muffins (and some Mexican cornbread muffins for those who find the others lacking something). After making dinner I received the day’s mail, which included my ShutterFly orders (except for one piece, which for some dumbass reason is being handled by UPS Mail Innovations… it goes to UPS to deliver to USPS, who delivers it to me). Overall I am happy with ShutterFly’s service. My only complaint is that the 8x10s should be on thicker paper, but well… I say that about everyone.

Now I think my tired ass is ready for bed… it has been  a long day and its a miracle that I am still awake now. Sleepy