My Day – July 24, 2008

Got up at around 5am, and I didn’t do much for the first few hours except read email, watch some stuff on YouTube, bookmark some shit in and things like that. After a while I ate breakfast, and went back to email. I also read the feedback in my digital photography class from my instructor. He finally got around to grading the course. I won’t know until tomorrow morning what my grade is (after the registrar processes grades overnight).

After I got un-lazy I went to the wheel again today. I practiced some bowls and plates using the new texture I started working with. Overall I am happy… but it has been too long since I last trimmed bowls and plates. It is quite challenging to do… remember what hardness level is just right for trimming and things like that. I will get back in the hang of it though. I plan to work on ceramics for the next two or three weeks until I get fully back into the swing of things. I will be working on ceramics at home right up until I go back to class and I start working on a project there. I plan to have large functional objects as my project. I will be returning to bowls as well as working on my newly acquired techniques from last fall for coil building on wheel forms to make things like tall bottles… things I could never do from a whole lump of clay. After working on the wheel for a little while I took a short break for lunch and returned to the week again until I had to clean up to make dinner. After dinner was cooking I went outside to take some pictures for a friend. After dinner was finished being eaten, I went back outside to let Chris take some pictures of me.

Once that excitement ended, back inside for some trimming of the remaining pieces. Now I have cleaned up again and I am exhausted. I just remembered I still have to empty my slurry/refuse clay bucket before bed… then I can sleep.