C# Programming

CSC153, C# Programming has now taken the place of Advanced C++ on my schedule for Fall. It is a new language for me, and it will give me something to work with in Visual Studio (I’ve always had it, just never really used it). I worry that the course will be just another over-simplified "welcome to blah programming language" course. I know that the first thing that will be required is a simple "hello world" program, but I think that’s standard even at graduate level programming courses. I am looking forward to this being a little more event driven than some of my other courses, and perhaps introduce me to something new… maybe even a GUI way of doing things. I have heard many things about C#, everything from it is crap and is slow to being raving about how extensible it is and comments like that. I will now have a chance to decide for myself and develop a true opinion of the language.

Below is the course information:

Schedule: Internet

C# Programming [CSC153]
Eric M. Notheisen
This course introduces computer programming using the C# programming language with object-oriented programming principles. Emphasis is placed on event-driven programming methods, including creating and manipulating objects, classes, and using object-oriented tools such as the class debugger. Upon completion, students should be able to design, code, test, debug, and implement objects using the appropriate environment at the beginning level. — 3 hours