I have the status page almost finished, but still not quite right. I am to the point where I am comfortable with it technically, but no where near comfortable with it socially. I don’t know what it should "be". I want it to be a starting place for my personal website. I always feel like my personal websites come across too stiff and static, so starting from a wholey dynamic base might be the right way to go… but am I someone deserving of such a page? Isn’t "status" a little pretentious?

One thought on “Status

  1. Well, I, of course, am biased (as anyone who reads your blog comments most likely can tell)… but…
    You have created an online presence for yourself. You manage and maintain various site for both personal and professional arenas. While a status page isn’t “necessary”, it is rather useful in being able to keep up with you.
    As for the question of whether you deserve it or not…I can’t answer that, I am biased ya know 😉

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