Unusual, but useful products

image I am beginning to believe that all original ideas for products have been used. A few days ago I was thinking that it seems weird that my batteries are all giggling around loose in my camera bag. Today I received the latest edition of PC Photo magazine, and a few pages in was this odd, but useful product. It looks like a decent product that might be sturdy as well. The company’s website claims that it is a strong case, but I won’t know for certain until I receive mine in a few days.

They are very cheap for their usefulness. I myself purchased 3 of the "slim-line" AA holders. I got one in "Caution Yellow" for high visibility in my camera bag, one in "Tuxedo Black" for those formal occasions requiring batteries and one in "Military Green" for when I need to blend in, or when I’m in the woods in my camo gear taking pics Open-mouthed


Product Link: http://www.powerpax.net