New Seed Source

On Tuesday I began searching for a new variety of strawberry to plant, something distinct from the ones that I have presently. I ran across Whatcom Seed Company, a company with relatively few varieties of plant, but the ones they do have are rare and exotic. They do not sell plants, just seeds. Today my order arrived (I ordered the strawberries, Coastal Redwood [Sequoia], Blue Shrimp Plant, Cedar Cup, Turk’s Cap Lilly, and Japanese Flowering Cherry). My Redwood was backordered, so it will arrive later. The order arrived with the seeds really well packed in plastic bags (not waxed paper shit some companies use), as well as with complete instructions for how to get them to germinate. The company won’t guarantee germination (because some varieties are difficult), but they provide a lot of information to insure that the seeds will grow.

The website  for this new supplier has given me an idea for a new hobby that I would like to try, Bonsai, a specialty of the company. I ordered the Seqoia and the Japanese Cherry to be full size trees, but with more than 50 seeds of each one, I don’t think I want that many full size trees, so Bonsai could be fun with them. I am presently considering starting each of my new seeds in my AeroGarden to ensure their germination.