Yet another old interest returning

I have not been serious about gardening, plant cultivation or anything of that sort in years, but now I find myself expecting delivery of 75 bare root strawberry plants in November, 2 blueberry bushes in December and 150 regular strawberry plants in February, as well as having an existing 5 Muscatine vines that will need […]

Bell Peppers

Just got a few bell peppers out of my Earth Box garden on the west deck this evening. My tomatoes hate the heat, but the peppers seem to be enjoying it. This was not originally supposed to be an artistic shot, or even a formal shoot, just an image of a pepper, but a white […]

Aphid Annihilation

This week I have discovered my absolute worst garden enemy, the aphid. The only problem is they are not in the garden, where it is easy to kill them. This is on the AeroGardens, indoors. Today I have been trying to get the little bastards off of my pepper plants. I started by trying to […]

Not Enough Time

One may think that with being bored, that any chance for activity to occur would be a welcome blessing. Unfortunately, in my world, things seem to all hit at almost the exact same time. My mother has decided to take the rest of the week off from work and take care of some things in […]

Warm weather

The snow has melted and it is as if we have gone straight from winter to summer in just a few days. Luckily the nights are still cool and the weather is not too unbearable yet, but 80 degrees in March has me not looking forward to what the weather will be like in June. […]

Strawberry Fields…In the AeroGarden

One of the strawberry plants that has not yet been transplanted out of the AeroGarden has begun blooming. This is a fairly small plant compared to the larger friends that were removed from the garden recently. This week I have to take these plants out and the starter tray and put them into soil so […]

Majestic Redwood

Okay, so they aren’t quite that majestic yet, but they are working on it, give them another hundred years or so… Then again, Bonsai is quicker with them, maybe they will settle for cute and not majestic?

Lifetime of an AeroGarden

I have had my AeroGarden tomatoes going for several months now. Over a month ago I ran out of nutrient tablets, but a strange thing has happened. Since running out of nutrient tablets the tomatoes are growing better and producing more than they did when the plants were being actively fed. This is making me […]