Notes from an Irate Student In Transition

I just spent the last hour or so with the “Transfer Equivalency System” and now I’m a bit cranky, cynical and non believing in a fair transfer of credits.

  • Art Appreciation (ART111) is a SURVEY of ART, but covers almost no Art history, therefore, it SHOULD ALWAYS be transferred as “Survey of Art” not as “Intro to Art History”. These courses are used interchangeably, they should not be.
  • When is Visual Basic the same as FORTRAN? In my experience, never, so why from some schools do you accept VB (CSC 139) as Intro to Fortran?
  • I’m sure it takes someone with great competence to pass Creative Writing II, but do you really think it has the same care for mechanics as English Composition II? I personally don’t. Your experience may vary.
  • Descriptive Astronomy (AST111)? Is it Astronomy (ASTR111), Natural Science Elective (NSCI 198/199), or Free Elective (GSTU200)?
  • BASIC 1 and BASIC 2… transfers as “Free Elective”, not even “Basic PC Literacy” for the effort?
  • Finally, you let some yahoo take VB programming in place of FORTRAN, but you won’t let my transfer Creative Writing I and/or II as Creative Writing. WTF is with that?