Transfer of Credits

Yesterday, a Saturday, the responsible parties (not sure exactly who) at Fayetteville State University, evaluated my transcripts and transferred 102 credit hours, more than I expected (expected about 87 – 89). Only 9 of my courses (27 hours) were transferred as actual courses (rest were “Free Elective”). The transfer was not conducted in accordance with the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement, nor with the most of the college’s policies. The transfers were conducted haphazardly. Some of the most notable blunders of this transfer would be the transfer of MAT161 from Gaston College as an elective course, whereas if it would have been from CPCC it would have transferred correctly as MATH123 at FSU. Both schools teach the course the same way, from the same NCCCS CCL. The course not transferring is completely arbitrary. There are about a dozen such cases involving CPCC and Gaston courses. There are a lot from UNCC that were affected as well, but I don’t have such hard core evidence as the CCL to prove that the transfers were done arbitrarily for that institution.

I am attempting to work with my interim advisor to get this corrected before I am passed to my departmental advisor, who will be assigned when my new department chair accepts me.


Here’s what did transfer:

Origin Course Title Transferred As
Gaston PSY150 General Psychology PSYC210
  PSY237 Social Psychology PSYC360
CPCC ART111 Art Appreciation ART210
  SOC213 Sociology of the Family SOCI330
UNCC ACCT2101 Principles of Accounting I ACCT211
  ITCS1214 Introduction to Computer Science 1 CSC100
  ENGL1102 English Composition II ENGL120
  MATH1165 Discreet Math/Structures I MATH150
  PSYC3151 Abnormal Psychology PSYC422