Thirty Hours from Anywhere

Reviewing my academic record is a bit like galloping through the woods on a psychotic horse, you are never really sure where you are going to end up. Just about any degree I want I am about 30 hours from. I was reviewing my academic program for Fayetteville State University this morning and discovered that I am not 50 hours from a degree like I previously thought, I am a mere 38 credit hours from having a BS in Psychology. I am also only 30 hours from a Bachelor of Liberal Studies with a concentration in Humanities. I am starting to feel like I am running out of academic options. I open a college catalog and can identify most of the courses in it, because I have either already taken them, or have already determined that I would absolutely hate them. Maybe one day I will grow up, have a real life and no longer spend my time trying to find courses to fill my time with.