Fayetteville Gets A Running Start

There is still nearly a month to go before my courses at Fayetteville State University begin, but yet the instructors for all of my classes have already gotten out an email. The pre-registration window officially closed on December 5th. Just as soon as it was closed, instructors began sending emails to students with textbook information as well as general course details for the upcoming semester. One of my instructors seems as though she is wound a little too tight though, her first email came across a bit like she was telling the roster that we were in the class by dumb luck and that we most likely shouldn’t be in it anyway because of the work required for the course. In an email dated 45 minutes later, she changed her statement and clarified that she really intended the message to indicate that each of us should take a look at our capabilities before committing ourselves to the course (funny thought, since it is a psychology course).


I’m not quite as eager to get started as the instructors are, but I will be once I finish the semester in progress.