Finishing Off Fall 2008 Semester

I feel like I just got started with this semester. Time has gone so quickly. All of my assignments, with the exception of 5 final assignments remaining, have been turned in. Tonight I completed my U.S. History final paper, which has been my largest burden for the week. I am in the middle of working on my literature project which is due Monday night.


For major assignments remaining, all that is left is a literature project and a C# programming assignment. The literature project is very much self determined in content, although, the length has been determined by the instructor. It will be a 10 page paper comparing the poetry of Robert Frost and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The C# assignment is fairly simple, but yet time consuming application. I have to write a browser application based on the .NET browser controls.


I have two final exams to take, neither of which I am worried about. I must take a 60 question timed (90 minutes) exam in Art History II as well as a 50 question self-paced exam for C#. Nothing really difficult about either of these, just feels like it since they are due after my major assignments.


Finally, there is a single, lonely American History quiz due next weekend. It will be a simple 20 question quiz on the final unit of the course. I could avoid taking it and still have an ‘A’ in the course, so I am not too worried about it.


I am doing well in all of my courses, so I am not too worried about the final grades thing, except for a few paranoid thoughts.

Course Suspected Grade Reasoning
ART 115 A All assignments have been turned in except for the final exam. Average is a high ‘A’. To keep an A in the course I need about a 60 on the final exam, without extra credit, or factoring in my extra credit, I only need a 42% on the exam.
CSC 153 A or B A lot of points have not been assigned yet. 500 points have been accounted for so far, and I have a B. The final project and final exam will be another 800 points, which could easily push me to an A or force me to keep a B. I think I will do well on the exam and I plan to give as much effort as I can to the project.
ENG 131 A or B It all depends on how my project goes. The project isn’t finished yet, and I am having a hard time getting a sense of how the instructor grades (very little feedback is ever given as to how she arrives at a grade). The final project portion of the grade is about 30%, so could swing me either way.
HIS 131 A I could be wrong, but unless my paper really sucks and he hates my Wiki page, I have plenty of points. There are 227 possible points in the course, and the grade will be assigned as the number of points earned over 200 (27 points extra credit possible).