Finished with Fall 2008

I just finished with my last assignment of the semester, and it is such a relief to be done. All of my exams are finished and all of my projects are turned in.


I finished my literature project on Tuesday, a little bit late, but oh well, I just had to upload it to my literature wiki. It has not been graded, but the instructor has promised to turn in grades on Friday…I’m nervous about that a bit. I worry that I am going to get something less than an A and ruin my Gaston GPA (presently a 4.0).


Earlier this evening I finished off my Art History II course. I took the final exam. The timing allowed is 100 minutes, and I ended up using about 50 minutes. I received a perfect score on the exam. I have an ‘A’ in the course.


A few days ago I finished my American history paper and got it turned in, tonight I finished my last history quiz. I did well on the quiz, the paper remains ungraded. I worry about this class because I have so far only been awarded 137.93 points out of 200 for the course, and there are still about 60 points left unallocated (20 points for discussion board, 15 for the paper, 15 for the project). Could go either way, but presently it looks like the course is going to lean towards ‘A’.


Finally, I am finished with C# Programming. I finished my final project last night, and then this evening I finished my final exam. At present I have a ‘B’ in the course, but there is a large quantity of points that have not yet been assigned.


Overall I feel very good about the semester. This weekend I should have final grades from all of my instructors… at least by Monday anyway.