The Efficiency of Men?

Less than 24 hours ago (about 3PM yesterday), I sent a request for an informal evaluation of my computer science courses to UNC-FSU’s Mathematics and Computer Science department, now an official evaluation sheet has been sent to the Office of the Registrar for input. It took two weeks for my General Education/TAC adviser to make any recommendations about my course equivalences, and another two weeks to get around to sending them to the registrar. It took my Psychology adviser about 3 weeks to look over my transcripts and decide that she did not see any additional course work that she wished to take from them. Both of them are women, and apparently are very slow and methodical in their handling of things. The Math/CS department chair and the CS Coordinator are both men, and have handled things with great haste and efficiency.
All of this being said… the registrar is a woman and it always takes her several days to do things, so I expect to see my transfer credits at the beginning of the new year.