It would seem that I forgot to blog during the last half of November… oops? I guess with being busy academically and trying to step away from my technology for a while, I lost track of the blog. So many times I meant to blog, but never got around to it. Well… here is an update.

  • Class Registration – I am registered for Spring and most of my apprehensions are gone, except for the concept of taking a chemistry course “for fun”? Seems like it may be a stretch, even for me to attempt that type of course for fun.
  • Class Registration (cont’d) – On the bright side of the registrar’s office, I have requested and been permitted for a new studio course at Gaston. Digital Photography Studio. ART-288-DH will be offered for the first time in Spring 2009. It is being offered as a special section of the course (70) for up to four students. I will post the CRN once the registrar updates the records.
  • Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving was great, I cooked… mostly. My father decided to get a catered turkey and a few sides. I made my own dressing (first time ever, without even a recipe). I also prepared a silk pie for the first time. This is my first Thanksgiving since discovering the miracle of yeast. My yeasty creations were well received. Usually Thanksgiving leftovers last a while, but both the turkey and ham were eaten almost to oblivion before dinner was over.
  • AeroGarden – My tomatoes never did die by themselves, I had to pull them up by their roots to make them go away before Thanksgiving. I now have a starter tray in the garden. It contains strawberries, hollyhocks, coriander, redwoods, cherry trees, and cabbage. I intend to grow some pomegranates for my aunt if I ever remember to get them ordered.
  • Academics – things are busy as usual. I’ve gotten a little behind, but not badly. I am keeping up my usual speed for this time of the semester. I will finish everything by the final deadlines if it kills me (perhaps the origin of the term “deadline”?)