18 Credit Hours?

I have 18 credit hours live and everything still seems great. Lets take a look at what this 18 hours is composed of.

ART 114
Self-paced course until February 2nd, at which time there will be a weekly unit due, this involves discussion boards and quizzes. Blackboard @ Gaston

ART 288 DH
This course meets optionally on Tuesdays and Thursdays for like half an hour or so. Most of the assignments will be given and submitted online, utilizing Flickr (just like Digital Photo @ UNC). All assignments will be photographs, including final exam. Flickr @ Gaston

BIO 155
This course is mostly reading.  It is fully online and  has stuff due about once every two weeks. Blackboard @ Gaston

CSC 253
Self-paced with a few deadlines. There is a very small  set of assignments, which makes this course very much like the first one. Blackboard @ CPCC

PSYC 310
Fully online, running on a module system with modules running about 2 weeks. Its pretty much quizzes, discussion boards, a research project and a final exam. Blackboard @ UNCFSU

PSYC 421
About the same as 310, except modules run for about 3 weeks each and assignments may be completed any time during the module. This course includes  a research paper, quizzes and discussion. Blackboard @ UNCFSU