Academic Directions

As promised in my previous blog entry, I am going to comment on my academic life in this entry.
First of all, I am a lifetime learning student. Degrees are not my primary means of organizing academics. I am not in it for the credit hours, I am in it for the experience of different fields. If I one day get bored I may surrender academics, but I do not presently feel close to that at all.
Next, I have been continually enrolled in an institution of higher learning since August 2003, and have attended with at least half time standing in every semester with the exception of Summer 2006. I regret letting that semester get away. Summer is the best semester for leisure learning.
Finally, Once I have a full time job, I will move academics to the back burner and have it as only a hobby (half time status most likely). I enjoy learning and want to keep at it. My logic and reasoning skills are quite sharp as a result of being so active academically.
What is going on now in my academic life is quite exciting. Without being entirely conscious of it, I have applied and been accepted at Fayetteville State University. It was originally my intention to attend only as a visiting student, but since my acceptance I have declared my major as Psychology, and I intend to pursue that degree until its completion. If I like the content of the courses as much as I think I will, I may continue to finish off the next higher degrees until I have obtained a PhD in Clinical Psychology. That is some time off at this point, but it is a goal I have for myself. It was a mistake to have ever changed my major away from Psychology. Mental process and the human mind have always interested me. Had I stayed with my original program ideas for the spring semester I would be taking a lot of art classes, but I do not feel ready for those yet because I feel I need to understand the function of the mind better first. I always find links between my courses and for Spring I am hoping to find links between Cognitive Psychology and Digital Photography Studio.
I have a habit of taking courses in ironic ways without noticing it. I am taking Art History Survey 1, as very old and standard course, as an online course, but I am taking Digital Photo Studio as an in-person course.
At present my long-term career goal is to become an academic instructor. As much as people have tried to discourage me from it, it seems right to me.
Here is a psychological mystery for today… it is 2am… why am I still awake?