GITI Status: January 3, 2009

Getting It Together Interface… I never get tired of typing it out like that. In the past two days I have been working on GITI, primarily in the education module. I have made almost no progress towards the mobile version, but at the same time, there is no immediate need for it.
At this time, I am grasping a very strange notion that has just occured to me… the Education module is essentially finished. All of the functions I had hoped to include in it are in place and everything works now. There are a few buggies to tweak here and there, but nothing major, no huge goals to accomplish, everything is in. Last time I felt like this, I threw out a few sample interfaces for GITI v2… I don’t see v3 coming out of this or anything, but I do need to spend some time assessing GITI’s other functions that do not rely on me having an academic career to keep attention to, although, that isn’t likely to be an issue (more on that later). The most neglected things on my roster right now are things derived from the Notes system in GITI. This includes KeyChain (software license key manager), Item Journal (personal and per-item journaling), To Do (to do list, needs a good whacking) and Doc (think like Word, except allows HTML formatting and no damn paper-clip). KeyChain does what it needs to do, but nothing else. It won’t even edit keys once they are added. Item Journal is nearly non-existent in its stand-alone form. It needs work in that form, as well as in Blog Integration. To Do, is it version 3 or 4 now? To Do is a lost cause in all of its present states. It doesn’t do anything unique from Schedule (which has been delegated to another developer at this time). I have some ideas, but they will require a lot of baking before they become a good GITI module. Doc is a healthy component. It has its standalone functions, as well as its integrated functionality. All of it works, sometime really well, but I think I need to document it a little more before I can let it be truly “complete”. It relies on the user having the ability to read and write in HTML, something which works great for me, but might be a little excessive for some people.
In general, GITI is healthy and functioning well. Even with one module complete, there are still plenty more that call to me (especially Health and Fitness for some reason).