January 25, 2009 – Academic Outlook for the Week

This week I have a fair number of things going on academically.

  • Digital Photography Studio – I have to get my second project done by Tuesday at 3PM. I have to do a motion blur, which should be easy, given that my instructor accused my first assignment of being a motion blur and not a stop motion. The challenge assignment for the week is to make 2 things blur in opposite directions. I think I would like to try doing the regular and challenge assignments seperately and see what I come up with. I will probably go in for the critique on Tuesday if I am awake in time.
  • Personality (PSYC 310) – I have to read and be preared to discuss Freud. There is a quiz at the end of the week, but a discussion on Wednesday. This should not be too hard, but my quiz scores have not been what I like lately, so I will put more effort into this week’s reading and preparing.
  • C# (CSC 253) – First assignments this week. I have to sit down with the Microsoft IT Academy software and do the equivillent of 6 hours of lecture training. I feel like I’m going to need someone to tie me to my chair for that. After the training there is a quiz on the concepts of the labs as well as the first three chapters of reading.
  • Nutrition (BIO 155) – I have to prepare for a test on 5 chapters of material that I have not even glanced at yet. This course has taken a back burner to all of my psychology stuff. The material is mostly a refresher from my Health and Wellness course, so this week shouldn’t be too bad.
  • Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 421) – This week is a continuation of sensation and perception from last week in Cog. Schedule suggests there might be a discussion topic this week, but that is never certain until the instructor activates one. I’m getting the hang of things in this course, so probably will just need to worry about the reading mostly. I also need to start working on the “Research Paper Preview” assignment, which is basically listing potential sources and providing an abstract.
  • Art History 1 (ART 114) – Now this course I am familiar with.. this is my late starting course for the semester. It is the prequel to the course I had last semester. All I need to do this week is get the first chapter started and then take a quiz on it. No pain here, just the exact same as I got comfortable with last semester.

Overall it isn’t a horrible week, but it will keep me busy. Feels like 18 credit hours now, everything falling on my head at once. 🙂 I love academics.