Freud, Sigmund

Sigmund Freud, perhaps the most widely known and most criticized psychologist ever, is the subject of my Theories of Personality course next week. To me, Freud has always been a bit like the Einstein of psychology. His theories have yet to be disproven, even if they are a little strange. I am very excited about the topic, but find myself resisting diving in to start reading it immediately, partially because I am afraid that more will be revealed about me than has ever been revealed before.

I have a copy (two actually) of Freud’s Ego and Id, but I have never taken the time to read it because of the depths of the psyche I would need to be able to attempt to understand. This week I will get to find out about all of the theories and information that Freud has given to the field of Psychology.

I suspect this will be an interesting week.