Status Sucks

Today I was thinking about my Status web page and realize that it and its underlying system sucks. This morning I just wanted to make the thing not show a status for my “Message” area and just be blank for a while until I got around to feeling motivated to do something (its the weekend, do I need a purpose?).

Now I’m looking at the page itself and realizing that I don’t like the way things are displayed. It was designed to be very crude, but its a little more crude than I want it to be. The academic block could  be so much better, like maybe contain my classes or the type of assignments I have due or something. I guess that block was designed to be vague and not give too much information to just anyone that strolled in. My server logs confirm, there isn’t that much random strolling in going on.

I am giving a lot of consideration to making the page morph into my idea for my portal site, giving statuses, blog entries, bookmarks, recent art/photos, etc in an easy to use format that adapts itself on the content level based on who is looking at it. I think the main fear stopping the portal thing is that once I build it, the individual sites will have no purpose, which in general bugs me. I am starting to think that the portal will need to be a lot more like a summary of sites than a replacement of them.